How to Talk to Me

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What I got from listening to people’s questions and comments was they are afraid to say the wrong things. The last thing I want is for people to walk on egg shells. That’s no way to live a life and no way to have a relationship. I want you to be free with me as I want to be free with you. A true relationship is when you’re free with each other.

Why Do We Tear Ourselves Apart?

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It’s incredibly painful to have someone tell you there is no way you can be who you are and love God at the same time. It’s hurtful to be told the gifts and passions driving your life were never meant to be expressed. We are one body, one with God.

Europe 2011 Video – Part 6

Part 6 of my Europe videos. Seven is almost done as well!

Europe Video- Part 3

Apparently, this made it onto youtube but never my blog. This is from my time at the FWCC conference in Switzerland.

An Interview with God

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How the Lion Learned to Roar

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You Know this Painting?

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Traveling Minute

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European Speaking Adventure – Answering Your Questions

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Kung Fu Quaker

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