What Was I Thinking? – Publishing a Book Series

Source I often write when I’m grieving, upset, or have a strong emotion. It’s a way for me to process the emotions and get them out. This wouldn’t be a problem for me except for the fact I… Read More

Let Liberty Ring

Good morning everyone! Last night I had the choice between blogging or going out for a late night snack with friends whom I haven’t seen in a year. Frankly speaking, it wasn’t a tough choice. But the internet… Read More

Let Freedom Ring: A Day to Remember Part 2

The moon is so beautiful tonight. It’s full and white with clouds passing by, occasionally reflecting that elusive rainbow ring of light around its orb. It looks on me from above, a friendly face in the night sky…. Read More

Let Freedom Ring: A Day to Remember Part 1

Happy 4th of July! Yesterday was truly a day to remember. These last few days I have been a bit lethargic having a hard time getting things done, feeling unmotivated. I blame it on the heat. But yesterday… Read More