How to Talk to Me

People holding cups of coffee at a table.

What I got from listening to people’s questions and comments was they are afraid to say the wrong things. The last thing I want is for people to walk on egg shells. That’s no way to live a life and no way to have a relationship. I want you to be free with me as I want to be free with you. A true relationship is when you’re free with each other.

Too Dark in the Closet

hanging hearts made from wood

As my friends and family have a wide variety of opinions and beliefs, I knew there would be some people happier about my relationship than others. Some surprised me with just how supportive and happy they were, others surprised me with how horrible they thought it all was.

Community: Dragon Boat Style

I think I should write a book and call it, “Everything I Learned about Community, I Learned on a Dragon Boat.”  “What?” you say, “What is a dragon boat?” followed, I am sure, by the exclamation, “Sarah, you… Read More

Holy Communion

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An Experience for Thought

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This morning we met before church to talk about community. This is one of the quotes we looked at: Parker Palmer – “In a true community we will not choose our companions, for our choices are so often… Read More

Thanks be to God

When God knows you need something, he does not withhold it from your hands. Yesterday I was at Eugene Friends Church to speak about the Quaker Youth Book Project which went well. After the service, a woman I… Read More

Community Part 2

These are the questions I’m going to ask. What do you think of when you hear “community”? Describe a good community. What does it take to build community? How can it be hard to be in community? Why… Read More

Community Part 1

So I’m at it again. I’m speaking tomorrow to a group of 40-50 junior highers and high schoolers from two churches. Talk about Daniel facing the lions. Subject? Romans 12, Community, more or less. I could also easily… Read More