“The Hoggatt Family Reunion 2010” written by the Kitchen Minion

The fog is beginning to lift to where I can just make out the other shore and a bird taking an early morning cruise over the sound searching, I am sure, for a delicious fish breakfast. In the… Read More

What I Learned From the Freedom Friends Fishing Club

This last Wednesday I was invited to join the Freedom Friends Fishing Club as an honorary guest for the day. And while with them, I learned some things. One does not eat while fishing. (Good thing I wasn’t… Read More


You always find out how much stuff you really have when you move. You also realize how much you have that you don’t use. Think about it. How much stuff do you have that you wouldn’t miss if… Read More

Making the Space for Change

“Did you get the July notes?” “No, I don’t remember getting them.” “I sent them on July first.” “Hmm. I’ll double check when I get home.” This, more or less, was the conversation Stacey and I had tonight… Read More

Listen to the Wombat

(Thanks Emily!)

A Very Important Something

When I was at the women’s conference, I felt I came so tightly wound, a state of “doing” I have since found to be a very common state of affairs among many friends. It seems the last few… Read More