A Day in Madison

We are at Megan’s apartment resting before going to Mo’s Irish Pub. This morning I accompanied Ian and Sara to a pilates class. It was quite fun and a great workout. The teacher was encouraging and gentle. I… Read More

Not Allowed to Take the Bus After Dark

What a day! This morning I got to sleep in until 8 am and had a leisurely breakfast with Sara made up of tea and toast. Megan picked me up at 10:30 and we drove to Lake Michigan… Read More

Enjoying Milwaukee

I got to Milwaukee safe and sound. The flights here were completely uneventful-just how I like them. When I talked to my sister tonight and confirmed I am here, she exclaimed, “Yay!” That meant so much to me…. Read More

A Place I Can Paint

I am just about to head up to Portland to stay the night at a friend’s house before flying out in the morning. I’m even checked in already. I’ll try and keep up everyday with the blog, let… Read More

Packing for Milwaukee

I’ve spent a good deal of my day getting ready for and packing for my trip. Most of the packing is now finished, the stuff I will need to work on tomorrow are the things I want to… Read More

Hearing the Earth

Today my friends Julie, Shawn and I went hiking in the Columbia Gorge. It was a beautiful day, perfect for a hike and we picked a good one to do. For those in Oregon, you start just west… Read More

Personal Finances: A New Approach

I’ve mentioned before I am working on my personal finances. Though I have never been a big spender, I am much more of a saver, I have been watching what I buy even more carefully and am working… Read More

Drunks are Funny

I’ve decided that drunk people can be pretty funny. I was out last night with a friend and her husband at a karaoke bar with a larger group and then we went to another bar because her husband… Read More

Servant Leadership

A few posts ago I told about a talk I heard on servant leadership. Today I saw it in action. While working in an elementary office this morning, the music teacher asked me to cut out these giant… Read More

Looking Forward to Milwaukee!

I am getting very excited to go to Milwaukee next week. It will be fun to send out an itinerary for myself and not someone else. Imagine that! I have a lot of planning that needs to be… Read More