Don’t Play for the Laugh

And she gets in with minutes to spare! Last night was so much fun, the most nervous I’ve been which actually, isn’t saying a lot since I’m usually hardly nervous at all. But Stacey, Bobbe, and Sheri were… Read More

Happy Birthday Megan!

Good Evening. I’m setting the record straight. I will still be posting on my blog as much as I can on a daily basis while my computer is in the shop. There is a computer lab here at… Read More

Playing Catch-Up

Okay. Here is a catch up for those following my story. My computer’s internal power plug is having issues. Frankly, I’ve been too afraid to set it up on my desk to see if I leave it alone,… Read More


Tonight I went to tap dancing. I haven’t realized how much this show has taken out of me. Though the part is not big, night after night is demanding. I need to work on getting myself up at… Read More


Computer issues. Yuck. 365-09 #26

Standing Ovations

This afternoon we had another standing ovation at curtain call. We as a cast feel we have a terrific show, truly terrific. I understand a woman cried steadily throughout the last forty-five minutes of the show. Woohoo! The… Read More

Opening Night

Something on the transportation front might actually be breaking but as it’s still in progress, I won’t fully write about it until it goes through. Still, it’s an amount of release which I have badly needed. I hope… Read More

Pressure Cooker

I feel like a pressure cooker that’s temperature was just turned up another couple of notches. The power plug in my laptop is loose which means expense and time when I can afford neither. It may not sound… Read More

Computer Issues

The third shoe drop fell today. Thus, a late post. 365-09 #22

Mechthild of Magdeburg

My computer is having issues charging. I don’t understand it but I understand it enough to frustrate me. Things like cars and computers are great until they stop working. I would really like my computer to keep working…. Read More