Words of Wisdom

I loved these words of wisdom when I read them. I think you will too… “It’s not your job that makes a difference in the world, it is the parts of YOU that you take to work everyday… Read More

Deviant Sexual Arousal

“Deviant sexual arousal…” As if on cue, Emily walked in just as I was saying those words to Megan and without thinking, as an explanation, I looked up and told her, “I was just telling Megan about my… Read More

Checking In

I don’t have a lot to say tonight but thought I would post a hi and how are you all doing? Life has been full in this corner of the blogosphere. On October 11th, I am dancing with… Read More

Healing Waters

Tonight I took my journal down to the pool to write for a while. It felt so good, just to write about things from my heart. Why don’t I write in my journal more often when I know… Read More

Thoughts on a Hazy Night

Tonight I have been spending the evening out on my porch. If you can count on the weather in Oregon to do anything, you can count on it to be wackily weird. It’s mid September and in the… Read More

A Morning at the Children’s Museum

Chris is three and a half years old and my adopted nephew. I met his mom when we sang the ABC’s together over a CB radio on a trip to Tijuana when we were both in college. With… Read More

Death in a Dream

Saturday night I dreamed I was an American woman soldier during World War II> Soemthing was wrong where I needed help and I came across some German women soldiers who thought I was also German. When they were… Read More

Statesman Journal Photo Contest

This is a shameless ploy to get you to vote for my picture in my local paper’s photography contest! I was one of the daily winners for the Oregon State Fair photography contest, as I told you about… Read More

The Third Shoe Drop

You’ve probably heard the idea that things come in threes. This afternoon, the third shoe dropped in the form of a phone call from my friend Stacey who asked me if I wanted to participate in a show… Read More

Music Game

I thought this was funny, I saw it done on another blog so my roommate and I each tried it out. Here are my answers. Put your music player on shuffle. Press forward for each question. Use the… Read More