Breaking the Limits – Beyond

This weekend I learned first-hand that I can do far more than I ever thought I could. Finding this out was very freeing and opened my eyes to a new whole world of possibilities, not anything specific, but… Read More

Quaker Youth Book Project Submission Guidelines

“The Call for Submissions is now available and includes submission guidelines for writing and art and suggested topics and queries. All Friends ages 15-35 are invited to submit their creative work. Click here to get the full Call… Read More

The Truth About Sex

Yesterday morning I was sitting in a health classroom with a bunch of seventh graders, both boys and girls, watching a video called, “The Truth About Sex”. It made me sick. I felt like I had taken a… Read More

A God Who Looks Like Me

Saturday night I went to go see LiveWire! up in Portland. I think the author interviews are my favorite. Being an author can be quite solitary at times so it’s always fun to hear about it from another’s… Read More

Living Life – Paint Away!

  One afternoon in my “Ministry To and With Adults” class at George Fox Seminary, a fellow student was showing us some group exercises we could use by actually having us do them. One of these “ice-breakers” was… Read More

Exploring Life (and Dance) in Pants with Chains

This month our tap dancing troupe is getting ready for our show on May 31st. Part of the preparations is planning out and obtaining our costumes. To this end, my friend Jennifer who lives in Portland did us… Read More

My Journey into the Feminine Divine with Sue Monk Kidd

I want to talk to you a lot more about the Feminine Divine. To do this though, I first want to share with you how I became interested in this topic and how it has changed me.

Quote from Wess’s Blog

I really appreciated this comment on Wess’s blog by Makeesha and want to repost it here.”This is an issue of “big feelings” for me. So hopefully I won’t get too crazy in my response. First, modesty is a… Read More

Modesty – Breasts Included?

  My fellow editorial board member, C. Wess Daniels, has opened a “five gallon bucket of worms” as Peggy put it with his blog post titled, “Modesty: Too Much Skin (At Church and Elsewhere)?”, Within a 24… Read More

Its… Its… LiveWire! Radio Show!

Every morning this week I have walked by a set of open doors with the smell of freshly baked bread wafting around me. I love this smell and it has been a great reminder of the verse, “His… Read More