Behind the Scenes – Publishing a Book Series

Note: As part of my work with Stories to Tell, I’m starting a series of blog posts about the writing and publishing of my next book. I’ll still be posting about other topics as well, but this will… Read More

How Does This Come Out of You?

“How does this come out of you?” This question was put to me by a friend who had bought my latest book, In the Wild Places. After reading it, she then called me and asked if she could… Read More

Radio: The Gateway Drug

Soul Talk. If it wasn’t already the name of a great radio show, I would have to steal the title for my next book. Instead, I was invited to be a guest on the show so they get… Read More

Space on a Train

It seems fitting I pick up this blog again while riding a train. All throughout my time in Europe, train time was my space, my rest, time to think, relax, just be. My best writing comes out of… Read More

Too Good of a Story

This is just too good of a story not to tell. It’s a story about how God answers the unasked prayers we never think to pray in shocking ways. I’m still grinning. The story starts a week ago… Read More

Needed Rest

Once I was seated on the plane during my first leg of the trip, it didn’t take me long to pull out a book to read.  I had been looking forward to that moment for two months.  Well,… Read More

Adult Friend – The Inescapable God

Last winter I wrote five lessons on the Psalms for Barclay Press’ “Adult Friend”, a quarterly Bible study they edit and publish for classes and Bible studies around the United States.  Delving deep into these Psalms was a joy.  Exploring… Read More

Thursday at QUIP

Between the blogging panel, the Writing as Prayer workshop, and all the events for the book, I haven’t had much time to post on here. However, things have slowed down now and while I listen to this workshop,… Read More

She’s ALIVE!!!

I admit, I’ve been terrible about blogging lately. I need to read my own post on margins because right now, I don’t have any and blogging slipped off the pile. What writing time I have had, has been… Read More


I think it is high time to give you all a general update on some things I’ve mentioned here on the blog. Quaker Youth Book Project: We are currently working on the cover art and looking through the… Read More