Where is Sarah?

Hello friends. Were you wondering where I had gone? Life has been very full lately and I am learning the importance of margins because I don’t feel like I have them. I know things are really busy and… Read More

When God Grinned

A few months into learning to tap dance, I was lying on a friend’s couch where I was house sitting and asking God, “Why tap dancing of all things?” The answer he gave me that day inspired this… Read More

Salem Art Fair “On Tap” Show

Here are some of those dance photos I promised you. 🙂 365-09 #198

What a Great Day!

Today as I was on the stage dancing before the audience, looking out at all the faces before me, many smiling, my friend Julie grooving on the back of the bleachers, I felt God remind me to enjoy… Read More

World Beat Festival Show Pictures

Here are some pictures from our show at the World Beat Festival. Our next show is at the Salem Art Fair at the Family Village Stage, 2pm on Sunday, July 19th. 365-09 #181

Me For Now

Good morning friends! This week I have been focussed on getting all of those Pentacle photos posted, labeled and organized on flickr for all of the Pentacle Theatre cast and crew. I’m getting there! I’m now onto Death… Read More

Jesus, Take the Wheel!

The night I wrote the last post, I prayed to God a version of “Jesus, take the wheel!” I asked Him to take me in hand, take charge of me. I turned myself over to His far more… Read More


As I was sitting out on the porch this afternoon with Allie, my new roommate who doesn’t actually move in until Thursday, I was looking at a plant still in the cheap plastic pot that is wilted probably… Read More


Tonight as I type I have a orchestration song from Titanic going in the background. Years ago I used it as the music to a power point for my Images of God class so it carries with it… Read More

Expect the Unexpected Tap Dancing Show!

It was quite an evening. Any time I get to perform at the Elsinore Theatre is quite an evening. I now know the backstage area better than I do the rest of the theatre, and that ladies and… Read More