Too Dark in the Closet

hanging hearts made from wood

As my friends and family have a wide variety of opinions and beliefs, I knew there would be some people happier about my relationship than others. Some surprised me with just how supportive and happy they were, others surprised me with how horrible they thought it all was.

Why Do We Tear Ourselves Apart?

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It’s incredibly painful to have someone tell you there is no way you can be who you are and love God at the same time. It’s hurtful to be told the gifts and passions driving your life were never meant to be expressed. We are one body, one with God.

I’m Everybody Friendly

Colored Crayons

How can so many people write off such a huge segment of our humanity because of a label? This can be applied to race or gender or any number of characteristics, but none of the labels can ever begin to describe the soul, that eternal light and energy that is so breathtakingly beautiful to behold.

What is This Book About?

When I started writing this book, Finding Love’s Way,  I did it without knowing where I was going. I wrote about whatever caught my attention or the words and thoughts I needed to get out. I let myself… Read More

The Wolf Howl of God

The river was quiet and the night cool. From my vantage point standing in the back of the boat, I peered through the darkness trying to spot any trees or rocks poking above the surface — clues there was far more hazardous material lurking underneath needing to be avoided. During a night practice, it is not an easy task. Though the lights of the city illuminate the slough to some degree, it’s not enough to make the dangers obvious.

Don’t Ask – I Won’t Tell

I have a confession to make. It’s not easy to say this-much less publish it to the wide world-but I feel I can no longer continue in secret.  Though it doesn’t seem harmful now, not opening up about… Read More

I Drove…

Today I had a forty-five minute lunch. After warming up the dish I brought, I decided I would rather eat in my car than in that staff room. So I got in my car, turned on the ignition… Read More

Five Minutes a Day

I was listening to the radio while driving the other day when the announcer talked about a new Bible for “busy moms” claiming that with all the multitasking moms do, this Bible would help them take five minutes… Read More

Train Conductor God

As I write this, I’m sitting at the bar facing the windows of my favorite coffee shop. I love the open feel of the place, the light streaming in from the street, the white and wood detail with… Read More

Voicing our Stories

Some of my favorite memories from my time growing up were the concerts we gave on our One Heart tours. One Heart was the high school choir made up of people from our youth group at the church… Read More