I’m Everybody Friendly

Colored Crayons

How can so many people write off such a huge segment of our humanity because of a label? This can be applied to race or gender or any number of characteristics, but none of the labels can ever begin to describe the soul, that eternal light and energy that is so breathtakingly beautiful to behold.


I think it is high time to give you all a general update on some things I’ve mentioned here on the blog. Quaker Youth Book Project: We are currently working on the cover art and looking through the… Read More

Let Freedom Ring: A Day to Remember Part 2

The moon is so beautiful tonight. It’s full and white with clouds passing by, occasionally reflecting that elusive rainbow ring of light around its orb. It looks on me from above, a friendly face in the night sky…. Read More

I Remember

On our drive out into the country tonight, my friend and I took one of my favorite roads. I love it not because it’s beautiful, though it is, but because of the spirit and aura it holds for… Read More

How are you, really?

I almost gave myself a night off with the promise of catching up tomorrow afternoon but decided to go ahead and post instead. After all, I won’t get a lot of sleep as I am supposed to be… Read More

Making the Choice on Pain: Part 2

Today at Richmond, I was working on the inventory while Adria was showing her classes a video about the book fair. One of the lines in the video is, “Sometimes you have to step into the darkness to… Read More

Wait For Me

Spending three days at the Richmond Elementary library was a gift from God to me. I have been so busy lately over my head in projects that I have taken no time whatsoever to sit with God. Of… Read More

A Turn of Events

I really wish I had better news to share with you tonight. Perhaps it is good news but I don’t fully see that right now. Most of what I see is a bad economy and me, really in… Read More