“Bye-Bye Deyah!”

“Bye-bye Deyah. Bye-bye Deyah.” According to Gil, my one-year old niece went around saying this all day after spending a weekend with her mom and I at a retreat.

Radio: The Gateway Drug

Soul Talk. If it wasn’t already the name of a great radio show, I would have to steal the title for my next book. Instead, I was invited to be a guest on the show so they get… Read More

How the Lion Learned to Roar

I was sitting tonight in business meeting as the Europe and Middle East Section of FWCC made nominations for the needed committees while we’re here in Herzberg, Switzerland. It’s often interesting to see how other Quakers besides my… Read More

England 2011 – Brilliant!

(Me in front of the London Bridge in 2001) Dear Friends, This last fall I was invited by an organization I am a part of called Quakers Uniting in Publications (QUIP) to speak at their annual meeting on… Read More


I think it is high time to give you all a general update on some things I’ve mentioned here on the blog. Quaker Youth Book Project: We are currently working on the cover art and looking through the… Read More

Look at Yourself Through Heaven’s Eyes

Tonight’s talk on community went really well. So well in fact, that they want me to come back and talk again. For not feeling terribly prepared, God really impressed me on this one. I spoke from my heart,… Read More