Traveling Minute

This is my traveling minute from Freedom Friends Church for the upcoming trip. Among Quakers/Friends, a traveling minute serves as a way of introduction and authentication for someone in ministry as they travel to places in which they… Read More

European Speaking Adventure – Answering Your Questions

Nine days. 216 hours until I step onto a flight bound for London. This blog is about to get a lot more interesting. Many have asked if I’m excited to go. I am excited. I am excited to… Read More

England 2011 – Brilliant!

(Me in front of the London Bridge in 2001) Dear Friends, This last fall I was invited by an organization I am a part of called Quakers Uniting in Publications (QUIP) to speak at their annual meeting on… Read More

Where is Sarah?

Hello friends. Were you wondering where I had gone? Life has been very full lately and I am learning the importance of margins because I don’t feel like I have them. I know things are really busy and… Read More

The Last Day of the QUIP Conference

The last day of QUIP was a fun time to hang out and say goodbye to our friends. I hope you all enjoyed our time together. I look forward to talking with you about promotions for Spirit Rising!… Read More

Saturday at QUIP Conference

Saturday morning we had our worship service led by Harriet who passed around white paper in the shape of doves. On our paper, she instructed us to write our dreams and hopes for the book then release them… Read More

Spirit Rising: Book Release

Yesterday was a very full day. After breakfast, I led a workshop on Writing as Prayer. Personally, I love workshops that are more interactive and so I lead my own in that manner, a style the attendees appreciated…. Read More

Thursday at QUIP

Between the blogging panel, the Writing as Prayer workshop, and all the events for the book, I haven’t had much time to post on here. However, things have slowed down now and while I listen to this workshop,… Read More

Yesterday’s Pictures

Here are yesterday’s pictures: Emily and her house where I blogged from. Mary, Emily, and I drove to Richmond together. Our evening session last night with Tom, the Quaker archivist at Earlham. Several of the young adults going… Read More

Let Liberty Ring

Good morning everyone! Last night I had the choice between blogging or going out for a late night snack with friends whom I haven’t seen in a year. Frankly speaking, it wasn’t a tough choice. But the internet… Read More