The Wolf Howl of God

The river was quiet and the night cool. From my vantage point standing in the back of the boat, I peered through the darkness trying to spot any trees or rocks poking above the surface — clues there was far more hazardous material lurking underneath needing to be avoided. During a night practice, it is not an easy task. Though the lights of the city illuminate the slough to some degree, it’s not enough to make the dangers obvious.

The Mystical Stream

Mystics: They are those who look at the blue sky and see the stars, those who reach for the heavens and grasp a hand, who talk to God and expect to hear His voice. I wrote these words… Read More

All Truth is God’s Truth

I belong to two churches, one Quaker and one not (it’s Christian). In one I have a great base from which to minister, the Quaker church, and in the other, I get a place to be ministered to… Read More

Teilard de Chardin

I think I found a new mystic to enter into the circle of “my favorites”. Teilard de Chardin was wonderful to read, I kept finding quotes I loved that spoke to my spirit. I have found it very… Read More

A Practical Side

It was refreshing to read Johannes Tauler, a mystic with a practical side. I think his words are as appropriate and timely today as they were in his time. We still struggle to see work as something to… Read More

St. John of the Cross

Saint John of the Cross has for many years been one of my favorite mystics, one of the ones I connect with the most. He understands what it is like to be in the dark night. He understands… Read More

Francis De Sales

I really liked Francis De Sales view that you can have unity with God without visions but you cannot have unity without action. The text called it a grounded mysticism, a term I appreciated. A friend posted a… Read More

Aelred of Rievaulx – You Paint God for Me

This is for all those friends who’s love warms me every day. I recently heard my friend use a phrase that I love, “You paint God for me” and it has stayed with me ever since. Aelard of… Read More

Thomas Merton

I loved this quote by Thomas Merton: “He who attempts to act and do things for others or for the world without deepening his own self-understanding, freedom, integrity, and capacity to love, will not have anything to give… Read More

In Dreams He Came…

Last night God came to me in my dreams. He doesn’t do it often but when He does, it’s always very powerful and always stays with me for a very long time. This particular one has been in… Read More