Don’t Ask – I Won’t Tell

I have a confession to make. It’s not easy to say this-much less publish it to the wide world-but I feel I can no longer continue in secret.  Though it doesn’t seem harmful now, not opening up about… Read More

Hamentashen Cookie Making

I mentioned the hamentashen cookie making a while back and I’ve gotten the pictures now so here is what I was talking about.

Hamentashen Cookie Making

Next weekend we start putting the Hamentashen cookies together at temple. I am really looking forward to it. Making those cookies with such a great community is one of my favorite traditions of the year. They are such… Read More

Celebrating 2009 – Part 1

As a special ending to the 365-09 blog challenge where I had to write something everyday, (more or less), I am celebrating completing the challenge by a picture review over several posts of the highlights of the year…. Read More

Share My Joy

I’ve been asked the current countdown, it is four and a half days. WOW. I’m trying not to think about it in those terms. I pray I’ll be ready. It’s a good thing that after tomorrow I have… Read More

Hamentashen Cookies

Tonight I feel rather overwhelmed. Between closing the show, getting my photography to the theatre director, and working on printing the Faith and Practice, not to mention living my own life, I am feeling pulled in several directions… Read More

Death in a Dream

Saturday night I dreamed I was an American woman soldier during World War II> Soemthing was wrong where I needed help and I came across some German women soldiers who thought I was also German. When they were… Read More

Israel Independence Day

Sometimes open worship is hard for me to sit still in, I want to MOVE!!! I will openly admit, this does detract from my being a good Quaker. Recently I was putting on some perfume and a fellow… Read More