The Wolf Howl of God

The river was quiet and the night cool. From my vantage point standing in the back of the boat, I peered through the darkness trying to spot any trees or rocks poking above the surface — clues there was far more hazardous material lurking underneath needing to be avoided. During a night practice, it is not an easy task. Though the lights of the city illuminate the slough to some degree, it’s not enough to make the dangers obvious.

“Need Help?”

(I found this draft for a blog post of mine while I was cleaning out some files. Enjoy!) “Need help?”  Responding to that little voice, I turn around and see Amy sitting in the snow, her blue snowsuit keeping… Read More

Art of the Ages

While traveling throughout Europe, I have seen a great deal of art and religious art in particular.  During medieval times and the Renaissance, most art was religious in nature and there are certainly a lot of religious sculptures… Read More

Ahava Auto

Note: I wrote most of this last fall and then finished the story tonight. “Screeeeeech… screeeeech!”  That is the noise of my frustration coming from somewhere around the front wheels of my car. “Grrrr” is the noise coming from me.  Resisting… Read More

Daring to Open the Door

I have long heard tales about the glories of the Woodbrooke library, how it is a literal treasure trove of hundreds of years of Quaker thought, writings from as long as Quakers have been practicing this particular spirituality. … Read More

Don’t Ask – I Won’t Tell

I have a confession to make. It’s not easy to say this-much less publish it to the wide world-but I feel I can no longer continue in secret.  Though it doesn’t seem harmful now, not opening up about… Read More

“What is your problem with chocolate??? “

This is a comment I received today on the post: “Peanut M&Ms in Relationship -Submission Part 3” “So, um, you know, I really really like the general direction of this post and some parts of your metaphor really… Read More

Peanut M&Ms in Relationship – Submission Part 3

You know how you can never eat just one peanut m&m? And do you also know how most peanut shells have two peanuts in them? We, as peanut m&ms, were created to be in relationship with one another…. Read More

The Peanut M&M – Submission Part 2

Today we’re going to start with dessert. Namely, peanut m&ms. Amazingly enough, they will explain why I believe everyone, no matter what their beliefs, has God’s presence within them. (Let’s pause here as I thank God for letting… Read More

The Mystical Stream

Mystics: They are those who look at the blue sky and see the stars, those who reach for the heavens and grasp a hand, who talk to God and expect to hear His voice. I wrote these words… Read More