Too Dark in the Closet

hanging hearts made from wood

As my friends and family have a wide variety of opinions and beliefs, I knew there would be some people happier about my relationship than others. Some surprised me with just how supportive and happy they were, others surprised me with how horrible they thought it all was.

“Bye-Bye Deyah!”

“Bye-bye Deyah. Bye-bye Deyah.” According to Gil, my one-year old niece went around saying this all day after spending a weekend with her mom and I at a retreat.

Finding My Roots

Andrew Lesnie

Looking around me, I can see that sometimes we get so wrapped up in our business, we lose ourselves. The wind comes, our branches shake, and we forget to grip the earth with the roots God gave us. We don’t remember who we are and why we’re here, we feel ungrounded and become blind to what is most important.

The Wolf Howl of God

The river was quiet and the night cool. From my vantage point standing in the back of the boat, I peered through the darkness trying to spot any trees or rocks poking above the surface — clues there was far more hazardous material lurking underneath needing to be avoided. During a night practice, it is not an easy task. Though the lights of the city illuminate the slough to some degree, it’s not enough to make the dangers obvious.

The Gift

I reacted without even thinking – jumping up and down, squealing with delight, amazed someone had gone out of their way to do something that generous for me, that they had really heard me and did something about… Read More

Tramp for the Lord

In the Corrie Ten Boom Museum in the Netherlands, I saw a picture in an upstairs hallway of Corrie standing on a road with a suitcase in hand and a smile on her face, the caption underneath reading,… Read More

Ahava Auto

Note: I wrote most of this last fall and then finished the story tonight. “Screeeeeech… screeeeech!”  That is the noise of my frustration coming from somewhere around the front wheels of my car. “Grrrr” is the noise coming from me.  Resisting… Read More

Daring to Open the Door

I have long heard tales about the glories of the Woodbrooke library, how it is a literal treasure trove of hundreds of years of Quaker thought, writings from as long as Quakers have been practicing this particular spirituality. … Read More

An Interview with God

The foothills of the Swiss Alps, Paris streets, and a German café – it has been a whirlwind adventure thus far for our traveling minister. Now at the half-way mark of her European speaking tour, this roving Walking… Read More

Live the Question

“You are so young. You stand before beginnings. I would like to beg of you, dear friend, as well as I can – to have patience with everything that remains unsolved in your heart. Try to love the… Read More