Traveling Minute

This is my traveling minute from Freedom Friends Church for the upcoming trip. Among Quakers/Friends, a traveling minute serves as a way of introduction and authentication for someone in ministry as they travel to places in which they… Read More

Submission and the Imago Dei – Part 1

I have always found it ironic I am the go-to person for dating advice. Yes, ask the one who is not in a relationship advice on how to make one better. Over a year ago, when writing our… Read More

Traveling Minute Report

This is the report I read during our monthly business meeting at church last Sunday about my trip to Kenya: Freedom Friends ChurchTraveling Minute ReportKenya 2009 January 9, 2010 Dear Friends, Since returning home from Kenya, I have… Read More

All Truth is God’s Truth

I belong to two churches, one Quaker and one not (it’s Christian). In one I have a great base from which to minister, the Quaker church, and in the other, I get a place to be ministered to… Read More

Community Part 1

So I’m at it again. I’m speaking tomorrow to a group of 40-50 junior highers and high schoolers from two churches. Talk about Daniel facing the lions. Subject? Romans 12, Community, more or less. I could also easily… Read More

Words of the Peggster-

Okay, not the greatest title, but it made my roommate and I laugh a lot more than the others we came up with. For the first time today, I finally heard my pastor speak. I’ve been going to… Read More

I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane!!!

In early March I received an e-mail with such contents as made me drool all over my laptop. It was quite embarrassing. But at the moment I did not care for my focus was entirely fixated on this… Read More