“Bye-Bye Deyah!”

“Bye-bye Deyah. Bye-bye Deyah.” According to Gil, my one-year old niece went around saying this all day after spending a weekend with her mom and I at a retreat.

Nowhere Else to Be

My grandmother is dying. Normally, something so personal to my family would not come up in my public writing but I feel the need to write about it today. This afternoon, I sat by my grandmother’s chair holding… Read More

Too Good of a Story

This is just too good of a story not to tell. It’s a story about how God answers the unasked prayers we never think to pray in shocking ways. I’m still grinning. The story starts a week ago… Read More

“Truth Gives Wings to Strength”

I made my family cry. I didn’t mean to. But I seem to have a funny talent for making people cry with what I write. It never even occurred to me that they would find my blog before… Read More

Hoggatt Family Reunion Video

I’ll write about how the reunion is going later on when the kitchen isn’t resembling Grand Central Station, but for now, here is a video of pictures we took yesterday.Create your own video slideshow at animoto.com.

“The Hoggatt Family Reunion 2010” written by the Kitchen Minion

The fog is beginning to lift to where I can just make out the other shore and a bird taking an early morning cruise over the sound searching, I am sure, for a delicious fish breakfast. In the… Read More

Thanksgiving 2009

I left for Africa the Saturday after Thanksgiving so these never got posted. My niece, Madison took the last two photographs. We’ve been working on taking pictures since she was about one. Even at three and a half,… Read More

Christmas 2009

I’m finally getting a bunch of these pictures I’ve been meaning to post up here on the blog. These are from Christmas (obviously). The two little girls are my nieces, Madison and Gabreella. In the one of me… Read More

Fancy Free in Portland

I am currently reading a book about a family’s eight month trip around the world. Reading about all the other countries has taught me a lot. This afternoon as I was heading up north to Portland and Vancouver,… Read More

Island Life

You got beat out last night by a walk on the beach and time in the hot tub. Can you blame me? Aunt Sharri and I spent the entire day doing pretty much nothing but sitting out on… Read More