The Question of Illustrations – Publishing a Book Series

When it came to the poetry trilogy, each book had an illustrator. One was a friend and two I found while searching for someone to hire. I loved working with such talented artists and they added so much… Read More

Ahava Auto

Note: I wrote most of this last fall and then finished the story tonight. “Screeeeeech… screeeeech!”  That is the noise of my frustration coming from somewhere around the front wheels of my car. “Grrrr” is the noise coming from me.  Resisting… Read More


I think it is high time to give you all a general update on some things I’ve mentioned here on the blog. Quaker Youth Book Project: We are currently working on the cover art and looking through the… Read More


Today was a long day at the theatre. (Though I think I may have taken some good pictures!) My friend Ben is doing the lights. We went to high school together and it is nice to see him… Read More