“Questions are not scary. What is scary is when people don’t have any. What is tragic is faith that has no room for them.”

I am reading “Velvet Elvis” right now and am taking it little bit by little bit, not because it is hard to digest or uninteresting, but because the author’s words are such a direct hit to where I’ve been, what I hold close, and where I am now, that I have to get over the shock wave of it before reading on.

Today’s shock wave was on asking questions, lots of questions. They seem to make up most of my spiritual diet right now, I feel like I am truly living the question because I know no answer can be given me right now. I have to wait, I have to keep asking the question.

Another quote that deeply resonated with me was, “What was so powerful for those I spoke with was that they were free to voice what was deepest in their hearts and minds. Questions, doubts, struggles. It wasn’t [so much] the information that helped them – it was simply being in an environment in which they were free to voice what was inside.” That place to ask questions certainly made a night and day difference in my own life.

Questioning frees us. Not relying on a strict doctrine but knowing the person of God, not just the beliefs about God, knowing God welcomes our questions and that we can live in uncertaintly is freeing. The important thing is knowing to whom to ask our questions and to keep raising them up.

365-09 #257

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