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In the Wild Places


For all who’ve longed to see from a wider perspective and recognize God in all of life’s diversity, this is a wild journey of deep truth exploring the ways we shape one another, the beauty of our bodies and the natural world, and how God is in every breath we take. Powerful and poignant, we are shown the beauty of letting go and how to hold on to all that matters.

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We so often shut God in boxes of our own understanding and then get upset when He breaks out of them. For all of us who have longed to break out of those boxes, to recognize God in all of life’s diversity, and to see from a wider perspective, Sarah Katreen Hoggatt leads us on a wild journey. A testament of deep truth, her third and final installment in the poetry trilogy opens us to see something new of the Divine as she writes about honestly talking with God, the ways in which we shape one another, and the beauty of our bodies and the natural world in which we live. In words both powerful and poignant, Sarah asks the questions we would all like to raise and the answers she gives are as surprising as they are refreshing. With illustrations and poetry blending beautifully together, this book will captivate you in paradoxical truth and entice you to take another step closer to love, will teach you the beauty of letting go, and how to hold on to all that matters.

“In In the Wild Places, Sarah Katreen Hoggatt has provided us with a delightful and refreshing book of poems drawing us into the Wild Places where God’s presence is manifested. I loved its refreshing and deeply personal insights into the nature of God and God’s world. This is a great book for reflection and meditation!” ~Christine Sine, Author of Return to Our Senses: Reimagining How We Pray

 “In the Wild Places can be likened to the experience of a good glass of wine — the earthy tones, the inebriating metaphors, the way one’s pace is slowed as each sip is imbibed.  Every word gives off an aroma that allures the reader down a path — sometimes into the very arms of God and at other times to question the very depth of the soul. This is no ordinary book of poems, but a cellar of poetic maturing wines ready to tantalize our taste buds, give new flavor to our spiritual journey, and allow us to get intoxicated on the deeper meanings of life. Grab a glass, pour generously, and drink deeply — you are guaranteed to find yourself In the Wild Places.” ~Dr. Robert S. Henry, Pastor of Silverton Friends Church, Silverton, Oregon

“Sarah Katreen Hoggatt’s poems articulate her relationship with God, others, and nature in authentic language and images readers will find engaging and easy to identify with. Her conversational style invites us to explore our own inner terrain imaginatively and honestly.” ~Becky Thomas Ankeny, Superintendent, Northwest Yearly Meeting

“A gifted and creative author, Sarah’s deep faith will inspire you, deepening your spiritual walk. Excelling in finding God in all manner of places, by studying these poems, we are pulled out of our self-absorption and turned toward being God-absorbed.  I find myself humbled and surprised by the insight Sarah shares; this book will be a part of my devotional material as I strive to get closer to God.” ~Rich Stoffan, Pastor of Phoenix First Church of the Nazarene, Phoenix, Arizona

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