Managing Multiple Editors – Publishing a Book Series

For several
weeks, my editors have been across the board concerning how much of the book
they’ve worked on. One editor has been through two out of three poetry batches
and my other editors have only gone through the first. In between trips and
holidays, I’ve been working on catching everyone up to the same point. Last
week, I stayed with one of my editors so we could go over the third batch. In a
few days, I’ll meet with my other two editors after they’ve arrived at the same
point. I’m looking forward to hearing what they think of the new material and
discussing some changes to writing they’ve already seen. I also want to start
discussing the order of the book with them.

It’s been
somewhat stressful having people at different places and keeping track of who
has seen what but I would rather have this be a fun experience for my editors
with no pressure to be done by a certain time. This is not always a grace I can
confer but with no strict timeline to follow, I’m giving us all space. Two of
my editors, especially, have enjoyed spacing the poems out, reflecting on one each

The point I
want to get to is having a clean manuscript to set aside for a while. Once I’ve
talked with everybody and made corrections to the master files, then backed
them up, of course, I’ll print out all the poems, place them in the order I
want them, and then store the manuscript away for a time so I can focus on writing
the rest of the book.

When I’ve been
at this point in the process before with the other books, I‘ve juggled two hats:
one as a writer and one as a publisher. It’s a dichotomy I’m well used to as
this is my fifth book but a benefit of taking my time with Finding Love’s Way is I can concentrate on one hat at a time
whereas I usually have to juggle both in nearly equal measure. I deeply believe
this book will be better for it. A beautiful place to be, I anticipate marking
off the majority of the book as having been completely approved for publication
and then having everyone on the same page once again.


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