“Bye-Bye Deyah!”

“Bye-bye Deyah. Bye-bye Deyah.” According to Gil, my one-year old niece went around saying this all day after spending a weekend with her mom and I at a retreat.

I’m Everybody Friendly

Colored Crayons

How can so many people write off such a huge segment of our humanity because of a label? This can be applied to race or gender or any number of characteristics, but none of the labels can ever begin to describe the soul, that eternal light and energy that is so breathtakingly beautiful to behold.

Finding My Roots

Andrew Lesnie

Looking around me, I can see that sometimes we get so wrapped up in our business, we lose ourselves. The wind comes, our branches shake, and we forget to grip the earth with the roots God gave us. We don’t remember who we are and why we’re here, we feel ungrounded and become blind to what is most important.

Cover Choice for “Finding Love’s Way”

Finding Love's Way Front Cover

Picking the cover for Finding Love’s Way was the hardest decision I’ve had to make yet. I was stuck between two options: a brown one with beige lettering and a beige one with brown lettering. They both fit different aspects of the book and I loved them both for different reasons.

The Truth About Sex

Yesterday morning I was sitting in a health classroom with a bunch of seventh graders, both boys and girls, watching a video called, “The Truth About Sex”. It made me sick. I felt like I had taken a… Read More

Living Life – Paint Away!

  One afternoon in my “Ministry To and With Adults” class at George Fox Seminary, a fellow student was showing us some group exercises we could use by actually having us do them. One of these “ice-breakers” was… Read More

Exploring Life (and Dance) in Pants with Chains

This month our tap dancing troupe is getting ready for our show on May 31st. Part of the preparations is planning out and obtaining our costumes. To this end, my friend Jennifer who lives in Portland did us… Read More

Quote from Wess’s Blog

I really appreciated this comment on Wess’s blog by Makeesha and want to repost it here.”This is an issue of “big feelings” for me. So hopefully I won’t get too crazy in my response. First, modesty is a… Read More

Its… Its… LiveWire! Radio Show!

Every morning this week I have walked by a set of open doors with the smell of freshly baked bread wafting around me. I love this smell and it has been a great reminder of the verse, “His… Read More

QUIP and the Quaker Youth Editorial Board

Here are the long promised photos from North Carolina. I’m going to look into finding a site I can put more onto and will let you know if I do. I have also written about the trip and… Read More