Where in the World is Sarah?

It’s been a busy week!  For some reason, I saved the busiest schedule for the last week I am here.  Last Sunday I was in Chorley with Hetty and her family.  After lunch, we took the train back… Read More

Tramp for the Lord

In the Corrie Ten Boom Museum in the Netherlands, I saw a picture in an upstairs hallway of Corrie standing on a road with a suitcase in hand and a smile on her face, the caption underneath reading,… Read More

Art of the Ages

While traveling throughout Europe, I have seen a great deal of art and religious art in particular.  During medieval times and the Renaissance, most art was religious in nature and there are certainly a lot of religious sculptures… Read More

Ahava Auto

Note: I wrote most of this last fall and then finished the story tonight. “Screeeeeech… screeeeech!”  That is the noise of my frustration coming from somewhere around the front wheels of my car. “Grrrr” is the noise coming from me.  Resisting… Read More

Daring to Open the Door

I have long heard tales about the glories of the Woodbrooke library, how it is a literal treasure trove of hundreds of years of Quaker thought, writings from as long as Quakers have been practicing this particular spirituality. … Read More