A Room of One’s Own

By the time I arrived at Woodbrooke, it had already been a long traveling day and I was tired.  Between the Metro, Eurostar, walking, train, and bus, I was ready to set my bags down and to rest… Read More

An Interview with God

The foothills of the Swiss Alps, Paris streets, and a German café – it has been a whirlwind adventure thus far for our traveling minister. Now at the half-way mark of her European speaking tour, this roving Walking… Read More

How the Lion Learned to Roar

I was sitting tonight in business meeting as the Europe and Middle East Section of FWCC made nominations for the needed committees while we’re here in Herzberg, Switzerland. It’s often interesting to see how other Quakers besides my… Read More

The Road to Herzberg

So how long do you think it will take before the people here realize they are being blogged about?  Most here don’t know who I am yet (it won’t take long) and don’t know I’m a blogger so I’ll… Read More

Miles to Go Before I Sleep – Part 3

It is Sunday morning and Vivian and I have to catch the train to Der Haague for meeting. As breakfast went a bit long, we booked it to the station (walking very fast). Blessedly, Vivian is a gentleman… Read More

Miles to Go Before I Sleep – Part 2

Delft is a beautiful town and the village just outside of it, Den Hoorn, is a lovely little village. The day after I arrive, Vivian lends me a bike and we bike from where he lives in Den… Read More

Miles to Go Before I Sleep – Part 1

Many people have wished me well on this trip and commented on what a wonderful time I must be having and indeed I am.  Just last night I got to watch the sun set over the rooftops of… Read More

How Small a World is It?

John and I had arrived back at the Friends House in Brussels after he showed me around the Grand Place and nearby environs. Paul, who had not been at his desk when John had introduced me around to… Read More

You Know this Painting?

  “What did you say about that painting, Simon?” I ask from across the small wooden gallery. “It was painted here.” “REALLY?” “You know this painting?” he asks in surprise. “Of course!” Hugh and I exclaim together. I join them over… Read More

Learning the Language

British English versus American English are two different languages.  On top of pronouncing words differently we use different words for the same things.  My first few days in England were partially spent learning and getting the hang of… Read More