Alicia in Africa, Journey to the Motherland

Sitting on the floor of my apartment with a girlfriend of mine, we talked about how our lives are percieved by the money and material goods we have. As it turns out, neither of us felt comfortable with… Read More

Conference Update

Since Wednesday, I haven’t checked for any messages on my phone or went onto Facebook. Do you know how good that feels? It’s been nice to disconnect in those ways and to release myself from them for a… Read More

Honoring Our Elders

I walked through the brush, trying to spot a gravestone. I wanted to see them still covered up. I knew they were there, somewhere, but couldn’t see any but the ones that were already cleared. Deb was nearby… Read More

Letting Go

We arrived to the Pacific Northwest Quaker Women’s Theology Conference yesterday in the late afternoon. The grounds are beautiful. To get here, you have to cross a wooden bridge over a lagoon where at the end, you can… Read More

An Exchange of Colors

This is the paper I wrote for the Pacific Northwest Quaker Women’s Theology Conference in Seabeck, Washington. (Now in progress.) The theme is mentoring and eldering and we had to reflect on that topic for 1-2 pages._____________________________ “This… Read More

Walk With Me

It is one of those beautiful nights after a thunderous storm has rolled through and the air is now fresh and clean. Everything is moved, substituting for the school year is over, all the volunteer positions have been… Read More

Tightly Wound

Life, of late, has been on the crazy side. I’ve kept telling myself to pull through to June 20th and then I can see where the dust settles and take things from there. In actuality, I am looking… Read More

His Strength is Perfect

Earlier this week, I was substituting in my friend, Carol’s classroom at a local high school. It was the end of the day and we were talking when a girl came in looking for a friend who was… Read More