Head Out of a Box

I decided to take my head out of a box and my fingers from around the tape dispenser to take a breathe on my blog. My life is surrounded by boxes lately and it will continue to be… Read More

Free Fall

Free Fall from ProlifikFilms on Vimeo.

I Drove…

Today I had a forty-five minute lunch. After warming up the dish I brought, I decided I would rather eat in my car than in that staff room. So I got in my car, turned on the ignition… Read More

One End or the Other

The last half of this week, my books kept coming up in different conversations. On Wednesday, a friend from the theatre shared with me that his daughter, who has my second book, used one of the poems for… Read More

Where is Sarah?

Hello friends. Were you wondering where I had gone? Life has been very full lately and I am learning the importance of margins because I don’t feel like I have them. I know things are really busy and… Read More