Questions for Refletion – Submission Part 5

These are some questions Katie has for reflection at the end of the chapter that I thought you might like to think about. If they are useful, great, if they are not, that’s okay too. Take them and… Read More

Relating out of the Imago Dei – Submission Part 4

For the last few days, I have been thinking over a lot of things, many of which, affect greatly this conversation we have been having on what submission means in relationships. When God told us to submit one… Read More

“You Can’t Take it With You”

I have been rather remiss in posting my photography. Here is the last dressing room session I did at the theatre. Several people in this play were my friends so I enjoyed having an excuse to take their… Read More

A Day at the Beach

The Friday before spring break, neither Julie or I got substituing jobs so along with her brother, we all packed a lunch and headed over to the beach. We took a long walk, had our picnic lunch, and… Read More

Spirit Water Publications Website

For those of you who may not know, I have a website for my books and photography. If you are interested in taking a look at them or at all the newsletters (what I did before the blog),… Read More

Peanut M&Ms in Relationship – Submission Part 3

You know how you can never eat just one peanut m&m? And do you also know how most peanut shells have two peanuts in them? We, as peanut m&ms, were created to be in relationship with one another…. Read More

The Peanut M&M – Submission Part 2

Today we’re going to start with dessert. Namely, peanut m&ms. Amazingly enough, they will explain why I believe everyone, no matter what their beliefs, has God’s presence within them. (Let’s pause here as I thank God for letting… Read More

Submission and the Imago Dei – Part 1

I have always found it ironic I am the go-to person for dating advice. Yes, ask the one who is not in a relationship advice on how to make one better. Over a year ago, when writing our… Read More

The Mystical Stream

Mystics: They are those who look at the blue sky and see the stars, those who reach for the heavens and grasp a hand, who talk to God and expect to hear His voice. I wrote these words… Read More

Letting Go – Hope with Open Hands

So, I now have someone else checking this blog on a very regular basis who has started pointing out to me whenever I don’t have a recent post. I’m pretty sure this is good for me but you… Read More