Notes for Two

As a follow up to my Valentine’s Day post, this is a beautiful image of love- two musicians, 2 different lines of music coming together. “An elderly couple walked into the lobby of the Mayo Clinic for a… Read More

To the Sea to Breathe

Last Sunday, Jake, Janaya, and I went to the beach at Lincoln City. It felt so refreshing to walk along the shore, talk to God, hear God, and have clam chowder and a hot chocolate at Mo’s. (Happy… Read More

Five Minutes a Day

I was listening to the radio while driving the other day when the announcer talked about a new Bible for “busy moms” claiming that with all the multitasking moms do, this Bible would help them take five minutes… Read More

Holy Communion

My breath is still taken away into the Divine after watching communion tonight. It was beautiful. We usually leave the bread and juice on a table in the middle of our circle and we go and partake during… Read More

Never the Same – New Eyes

This afternoon I was looking through the local newspaper and read an article on circumcision as an effort to stem the epidemic of AIDS in Africa. (Even after reading the article, I’m not sure how circumcision helps with… Read More

This is the report I wrote to the three groups that gave me the grants that made it possible for me to go minister in Kenya: the Susan Bax Foundation, the International Outreach Granting Group of Philadelphia Yearly… Read More

Happy Valentine’s Day

Tonight I watched the movie, “One Night with the King”, the story of Esther who saved the Jewish people, my people. We are celebrating her triumph at the end of the month at temple as “Purim”. I love… Read More

Diamonds, Brilliant and Clear

My friend, Christine, has been keeping a blog I love reading. She has always had such insight and spirit. This part of her most recent post was so filled with truth, I am sharing it with you. You… Read More

The Oak Tree

It took me about five minutes to realize the class was a handful to say the least and it wasn’t hard to pick out the instigators, the ones who acted out verbally and physically on an incredibly regular… Read More


I think it is high time to give you all a general update on some things I’ve mentioned here on the blog. Quaker Youth Book Project: We are currently working on the cover art and looking through the… Read More