Hamentashen Cookie Making

Next weekend we start putting the Hamentashen cookies together at temple. I am really looking forward to it. Making those cookies with such a great community is one of my favorite traditions of the year. They are such… Read More

Thanksgiving 2009

I left for Africa the Saturday after Thanksgiving so these never got posted. My niece, Madison took the last two photographs. We’ve been working on taking pictures since she was about one. Even at three and a half,… Read More

New Years Gathering

So Sarah got back from Kenya and then what, she left, AGAIN? Yes. I came home from Kenya, spent Christmas here in Oregon and then repacked my bags for the Young Adult Quaker New Years Gathering in Northern… Read More

Christmas 2009

I’m finally getting a bunch of these pictures I’ve been meaning to post up here on the blog. These are from Christmas (obviously). The two little girls are my nieces, Madison and Gabreella. In the one of me… Read More

Wedding Showcase

This last weekend I modeled wedding gowns at the Wedding Showcase at the State Fairgrounds. It’s been a good experience for me doing things like that and I of course, enjoy performing. It also gave me time in… Read More

“You Can’t Take it With You” Production Photography

This was another fun show to photograph and it’s the one currently running though if you want to see it, buy your tickets now. They are at over 80% sold. I have several friends in this cast as… Read More

Videos from Lodwar, Turkana

Though these will be fun to watch for everyone, I took the first three of these videos especially for the editorial board of the Quaker Youth Book Project so they can see John’s family and where he is… Read More

Annie Production Photography

This was one of my favorite shows to photograph as a photographer. Not only were many friends in the cast, but I loved the new format of taking pictures of a radio show. I am really happy with… Read More

A Writing Penseive

I apologize for the lack of posts for the last week and a half. Quite frankly, it’s been a tough week. Today God stepped in before the pressure blew and gave me a sub job with lots of… Read More

Voicing our Stories

Some of my favorite memories from my time growing up were the concerts we gave on our One Heart tours. One Heart was the high school choir made up of people from our youth group at the church… Read More