I am amazed at God’s provision and attention to detail. Before coming here to Fox Island, my aunt mentioned her step-mother-in-law had given her a pair of new shoes she didn’t want but they were a size 9… Read More

How Do You Make Them Listen?

I was working at a school this afternoon in the pass room which pretty much means I get to read and tell the kids to stop talking. I only had one student most of the day so I… Read More

Safe as Can Be

While planning this trip to Kenya, I have heard repeatedly about the steriotype of any white person oozing money wherever they go. On one hand, I’m not rich. In some ways, I’m financially poor but I also know… Read More

Fundraising Letter

This is the fundraising letter I am sending out to help raise the rest of the funds for Africa. THANK YOU to everyone who has helped out thus far; I am truly humbled and grateful for you assistance…. Read More

Africa Update – Yay!

I thought it might be time for a new Africa update: I now know which safari company I’m going with. Now I just need to work out the details of sending her the deposit which Eden, who is… Read More

The Blue Jay

One day in early autumn, a blue jay was flying past a house. As the blue jay flew by, he saw a lovely chimney and he decided to stop and talk to it. “I was just flying past… Read More

Places of Illumination

I needed to hear this today, I thought you might too. “Darkness is really not so different from places of illumination, it’s simply that the light hasn’t touched it yet. In essence darkness and light are the same… Read More

Thomas Merton

I loved this quote by Thomas Merton: “He who attempts to act and do things for others or for the world without deepening his own self-understanding, freedom, integrity, and capacity to love, will not have anything to give… Read More

Words I Remember

It’s amazing what you can learn in the schools. Last week I was listening in on one of Adria’s lessons with the kids in the library. I often listen in on what she is saying for I have… Read More

The Deeper Dream

Today turned out to be quite different than I had been planning on. I was going to go to church and women’s group. That was it. But God, as he often does, had different plans. I did go… Read More