Stop Kiss

This fall is incredibally full to the point I feel overwhelmed. Part of this week’s overflowing plate of to-dos has been photographing “Stop Kiss”. Here are some of my favorite photos. 365-09 #280

Sound of Music in Antwerp

Considerng this song is from one of my all time favorite movies and the fact I love dancing and the mundane becoming the sacred, this made me grin. 365-09 #279

Mystics Class

We had a fantastic class on Saturday. I am auditing the Spiritual Writings of the Mystics class at the seminary this term and am already greatly enjoying it, homework and all. What more could you want than to… Read More

Angels Around Us

You think you know the world, how it works. You think you know your theology, what the Bible says, and who God is, how he operates. You think you know until you realize what you don’t know and… Read More

Paypal Donation Button Now Available!

A few days ago, my friend, Gil, from Britain suggested I add a paypal button onto my blog so people can donate online for my ministry to Kenya. You can still send a check to my mailing address,… Read More

Same Kind of Different as Me

I can hardly believe what time it is. I’ve been reading this fantastic book I think you should all look up. It’s called “Same Kind of Different As Me: A Modern-Day Slave, an International Art Dealer, and the… Read More

Exploring the Mystics

There are many things running through my head tonight. For one, today we started posting for the mystics class I am taking. Here is what I wrote. As a young 20-something, a friend wrote to me, “I do… Read More

I am Me

Tonight was our first tap class after a wonderfully long break of a month and a half. During the break, Stacey and Sheri participated in a tap workshop in Vancouver BC and as is always the case, she… Read More

He Is

This is one of my favorite songs, “He Is” by Aaron and Jeoffrey. It touches a deep eternal place in me. 365-09 #256


“Questions are not scary. What is scary is when people don’t have any. What is tragic is faith that has no room for them.” I am reading “Velvet Elvis” right now and am taking it little bit by… Read More