Why Now?

Which comes first? People asking about your story or your willingness to tell it? I don’t have the answers but I sure have been asking the questions. It’s actually only a part of my story. Not only can… Read More

We Can Tell the Truth…

Last Sunday I pulled a card out from the “Box of Truth” at church. It’s a shoe box with an opening on top and quotes on cards inside. You can take a card out and think on it,… Read More

Oregon Authors

I have come up with a new button for all authors: “Anything you say or do can be used in my next book!” My fellow authors at the “Oregon Authors” booth at the state fair really like the… Read More

Riches Beyond Compare

I was thinking yesterday about how blessed I am to have such rich relationships in my life. People who love me and whom I love. They are worth more than any amount of money or material possessions, so… Read More

Personal Finances: What Do You Think?

Since this last spring, I have been following the participants of the U-Turn Challenge hosted by First Tech Credit Union. It is one of those times when God provided teachers precisely when I needed to learn the lessons…. Read More

Places We Treasure

Yesterday morning at church Bob brought a message about how in everyone’s life are places that we sometimes put aside without realizing how important it is to us. What is more, this place we’ve cast aside is a… Read More

My Fair Lady Outtakes

Part of the fun of taking the photography for the theatre is goofing around with the cast and crew who, let’s admit it, can be downright silly. I learned early on how well it can work during head… Read More

Life: Priceless Treasure

Tonight I was driving up to Portland for our small group meeting listening to my music and letting my mind think and wander where it pleased as I drove. I was just switching lanes to let someone who… Read More

Warm Fuzzies

Hannah, the little girl I went with to the Enchanted Forrest, gave me a carnation that night at her house. It was very kind of her and it is a beautiful flower, light pink with deep purple edging… Read More

Planting Word Seeds

This afternoon, I am working on putting submissions for the Quaker Youth Book Project into order within the chapters and as I work, I’ve started thinking about what our editorial board is doing. For me, it seems that… Read More