How Does Your Garden Grow?

It is said that life is what happens when you’re doing something else. On my back porch I planted flowers a while back. They’re still alive! Isn’t that awesome? I have so much enjoyed watching them grow. One… Read More

Swirling in my Mind…

It’s one of those nights when I have a lot on my mind. I’ve been having a lot of those lately and there are so many things on so many different levels. From those deep feelings and thoughts… Read More

Where the Water Runs Deep

I was sitting beside Stacey last night at a dance show when during intermission, I turned to her and asked, “This is a poetical way to ask the question, but is dance what makes your soul breathe?” She… Read More

Leave Me Alone, I’m Reading

I am now looking forward to going to the library on Tuesday to check out three books I want to read. I miss being up at the seminary more often to check out books there though the Salem… Read More

Lets be Friends

I didn’t blog last night because after our potluck in Portland I drove over to small group to catch the last bit of time with my friends there. Sitting on the couch, I knew driving home on the… Read More

So Far, So Good!

Thank you for your prayers!  So far, so good.  Tomorrow we drive to Newberg.  Today was A LOT of fun.  We took a tour (led by yours truly) of George Fox Evangelical Seminary, visited the Tulip Festival outside… Read More

Please Pray

Between cleaning out the kitchen, getting my car fixed, and getting ready to be with four other board members for the next two days, I have had a very full day. I feel like central command coordinating and… Read More


As I was sitting out on the porch this afternoon with Allie, my new roommate who doesn’t actually move in until Thursday, I was looking at a plant still in the cheap plastic pot that is wilted probably… Read More

Friday Night Panel

For the panel on Friday night, we read a lot of the submissions we’ve received. The QUIP group really enjoyed them and asked us a few questions such as about John’s travels and what we wanted this book… Read More

Sesame Street – Old School

We seem to get slower and slower starts in the morning. I am sitting at the kitchen counter while Emily, Katrina, and Rachel make breakfast. Cara is next to me reading a book. (Imagine reading something besides submissions!)… Read More