Tonight as I type I have a orchestration song from Titanic going in the background. Years ago I used it as the music to a power point for my Images of God class so it carries with it… Read More

There’s No Place Like Home!

Tonight as Katie said goodnight by her bedroom door, I happened to walk down the hall to my room. She immediately burst into peals of laughter and I just looked at her and said, “I was just going… Read More

Photos from Georgia

Ice Cream in downtown Savannah with Friends Cathedral of St. John the Baptist Forsyth Fountain Mercer House Forsyth Fountain 365-09 #85


Last night I had the great pleasure of taking part in the closing of my favorite show I’ve seen at the Pentacle Theatre. With all the time I have spent with the cast and fellow crew, I felt… Read More

In Memory of Lucy

In Memory of Lucy In all the time I have house sat for others, I have never known about one of them dying. However, yesterday morning, Sue had to put Lucy to sleep. Lucy couldn’t get up anymore,… Read More

At the End of the Road

I need a few minutes this afternoon to open up and write about the things tumbling inside me, to vent the steam swirling around. It seems I haven’t been able to fully focus on much of anything lately…. Read More

Goodbye Bob

Tonight came the love child of Mrs. Mayor and the Grinch. Picture the Grinch with pink pig tails and yellow feathers. Yeah. You would think that Kyle suckling the child would have induced me to lose it but… Read More

Jason the Thinker

This afternoon I went out for ice cream with a five year old named Jason who reminded me very much of Jojo the Thinker in Seussical. Jason is VERY creative, imaginative and friendly. A real sweetheart. And in… Read More

Hiding Away

I walked in tonight to our apartment and Katie shouted, “You’re alive!” I’ve been house sitting for Sue and we have hardly seen each other for nearly a week. I feel like I have been juggling several brightly… Read More

A Picture of Simplicity

I just got back from having desert at the house of one of my fellow cast members from “Death of a Salesman”. He and his family invited one of the other cast members and I out for the… Read More