Getting Old

Tonight I accompanied Katie to a pastor’s appreciation dinner hosted by her young adult group at church. The dinner was delicious and afterward we played cards, at least our table did. One of the men at the table… Read More


I’m on the tired side tonight which is exactly how I want it. In preparation for my trip to the East coast, I have been trying to shift my time schedule now so I’m more used to it… Read More

A Lesson Learned (We Hope)

This morning I was in a classroom at a junior high in Keizer when I had to laugh at God’s creative way of teaching. I was there for a student but it seemed the teacher was there for… Read More

Cleaning the Fridge. Woohee!

Yesterday I cleaned out the refrigerator. In our house, this is quite the project though I will tell you, it was surprisingly not as gross as it usually is. At least I am pretty sure it wasn’t because… Read More

Savannah, Georgia

I spent part of my day researching things to do in Savannah, Georgia as next Thursday I will be flying there. Since I only have a day to spend in the city before heading up to the conference… Read More

Someone Watching Over Me

Katie and I sprang $2.50 each for pizza tonight. My friend asked on facebook if we have similar pizza topping preferences. I replied that we both like cheap pizza, so yes, our preferences are similar. We have spent… Read More

*Hugs* Madi and Gabee!

Tonight I needed to do something completely for MYSELF, something FUN!!! Something that did not involve baking, or the computer, or sewing, or any of that stuff. Something that was purely for ME, that I would enjoy. So… Read More

The Four Agreements

My friend, Stacey, recommended I read the book, “The Four Agreements”. So yesterday on my way home I stopped for a visit at the library to check out a copy. I am really going to like this book,… Read More

Civil War Reenactment

I’m quite exhausted tonight so this is going to be a photo post. This is from a Civil War Reenactment I attended last 4th of July. That was an INCREDIBLE day for photography. I have a huge folder… Read More


I’m on my forth bottle of water. Lisa wanted me to drink that many to flush the toxins out after my massage this afternoon. Words fail to describe how good that felt. I always thought massages were one… Read More