Great Quotes

There are several pertinent quotes I would like to share with you today: This one I’ve had on a virtual post-it note on my desktop. It has greater meaning to me now than when I first read it…. Read More

December 2008 – Moving in the Storm

Here in the Northwest of the United States, we always dream of a white Christmas but it’s extremely rare we ever get one. Then, a week and a half before Christmas, the forecast for the coming days called… Read More

November 2008 – Thankful

I finally have my book website caught up- for the next two days anyway until January. Here is the November newsletter. Thankful This may sound funny but this afternoon I realized it is Thanksgiving, a time to give… Read More

New Banner

For several months I have been jealous of how my friend can change her banner several times a day on her blog. Tonight, since I am up WAY too late anyway, I decided to try it. Here is… Read More

Merry Christmas!

Sitting on the couch looking at my Christmas tree all lit up in dark put me in a reflective mood and I thought I would bring you along. It’s Christmas eve. A familiar time, often a good time,… Read More

Gift from a Friend

I just got off the phone with my friend J.D. He and his wife live down in Eugene and he works for the state. This evening he was reading my blog post about losing my job and he… Read More

A Turn of Events

I really wish I had better news to share with you tonight. Perhaps it is good news but I don’t fully see that right now. Most of what I see is a bad economy and me, really in… Read More

21st Centuring Threats

Yesterday I took my camera down to the Capital Mall, a park surrounding the Oregon capital building, and took many photos. You can see them at When I got home, I submitted my favorite one to the… Read More

Christmas is Coming and Winter is Here!

I am now officially in the Christmas spirit. Getting a gigantic Christmas tree home did the trick. Katie and I drove to a tree lot on Friday night to pick one out. We wanted to go to a… Read More

More Thanksgiving Photos

Gabreella is the red head and Madison is the one with sandy colored hair. They are both two and a half years old. I loved watching this and taking photos, my dad used to play this with me… Read More