Update and I’M CERTIFIED!

Here is an update on a few things I mentioned– I am LOVING the ipod. It’s come in so handy! I got to use it at the talk I gave at Willamette. Is that God’s good timing or… Read More

The Will of God Part 3

Do you ever wonder what the goals of our lives God really has in mind? Somehow, I don’t think it’s the same ones we have. This is just a brainstorm, but I think it’s more along the lines… Read More

Getting the Life Drained Out of Me at Comedy Central

The tea kettle is on for hot chocolate, I’m wrapped up in my quilt and the house is quiet except for my music on this autumn eve. After work I went down to the blood donation to let… Read More

More on the Will of God

Pumpkin obtained. (See below post.) Now I’ll have something to drum on during our Halloween party at tap dancing class tomorrow. I’m not going to write much more tonight, more tomorrow, but I did want to tell you… Read More

The Will of God

Okay, before I write what I need to, let me just tell you my roommate has been going through the mail and she is laughing her head off with each piece. As you all know, it’s election time,… Read More

Honesty and my iPod

By the way, I am LOVING my iPod. It’s fantastic and I even figured out how to use it. My roommate is still mad at me for getting one. Though, I should tell you she was a little… Read More

Dreaming About the Holocaust Again

Last night I had another dream from World War II. If I believed in past lives, I’d swear I was killed in the holocaust. Which would also explain why I’m a Jew now, I must have felt if… Read More

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Okay, my birthday actually isn’t for a few more weeks but today I went down to the silent auction they were holding in the breakroom at work for the American Cancer Society and there on the table, was… Read More

Riding in the Dark

I had a dream last night that has been in the back of my mind all day. I was riding a bike at Riverfront Park in the town where I live around the sidewalks. It was bright and… Read More

One Word Answers

My big sister, Beth, filled this out and sent it to me so I thought I would give it a whirl…TYPE ONLY 1 WORD. IT’S HARDER THEN YOU THINK!!!1. Where is your cell phone? pocket?2. Your significant other?… Read More