Stories from My Vacation in Eugene

I have been spending a lazy Sunday afternoon cuddled up to my laptop in my bedroom reading through a friend’s blog. She is very real and I like that. Perhaps that is what blogs are – a place… Read More

100 Things About Me

My friend has a list of a hundred things about her on her blog. (Which I am really enjoying reading by the way.) It sounds like fun so here’s mine: 1. My middle name, Katreen, was my great-grandmother’s… Read More

I WON!!! I WON!!! I WON!!!

Can you believe it? I think I squealed with delight when I saw it! The local newspaper for Salem is holding a photography contest for photos people have taken at the State Fair and I decided to enter…. Read More

Long and Short Photos

In years past, I used to be much more involved in the Society of Creative Anachronism, an international medieveal renactment group. I still enjoy going on occasion and so this weekend, attended Long and Short in Lebanon, Oregon…. Read More

Oregon State Fair Photos

I thought last years photos from the fair would be hard to beat. I had a great one of the ferris wheel and two more of the piglets that are absolutely priceless. However, after finishing up at the… Read More

Carson’s 1st Birthday Party Photos

Some time ago, I was put under strict orders to bring my camera to all family gatherings. After buying my Nikon D40x camera, it didn’t take them long to realize I took good photos. Sunday afternoon was particularly… Read More

Oregon State Fair Results for Stacey’s Quilt

While I was making Stacey’s quilt, many people said I should enter it at the fair. I told them it would have to be Stacey’s decision as the quilt belonged to her. Well, the day I gave it… Read More

What I Hate About Quakerism and Every Other Protestant Denomination

In the summer of 1994, I was on choir tour with my youth group through the Western United States. Our choir, “One Heart”, toured for two weeks every year. During my first tour, we were standing in a… Read More

The Tudor Rose Remembered

Yesterday morning I was driving up Liberty on my way to work when I looked to my right and saw a sight that yanked hard on my heart strings. Next to the creek that runs south of downtown,… Read More


I realized I haven’t posted my photography in a while so here goes… I love taking pictures, it can be such an art. These last two are of my nieces. Madison is the one in pink and Gabreella… Read More