You Know You House Sit A Lot When…

I wrote this from my own experience… You Know You House Sit A Lot When: 1. The pets think the owners are the house sitters.2. Your client’s keys stay on your key ring all the time.3. You know… Read More

Anyone up for a game?

Today felt like a brief visit from autumn, a hint of those cooler nights with hot chocolate, wrapped up in a quilt and listening to the rain fall. I love every season for it’s own reasons and once… Read More

Balloon Man-God

Lately, I have felt like a balloon animal twisted and turned and unwound all at the same time. Last week was extremeley busy and by the end of it, I was completely drained, I didn’t have anythingleft to… Read More

Snake Skin

It has now become a running joke amongst my small group in Portland. We meet once a month to talk together about spiritual and emotional growth and for the past several months we have been focussing on the… Read More

Quaker Worlds: Mind, Hands, and Heart

As I’ve already posted, the day after I attended North Pacific Yearly Meeting, I attended North West Yearly Meeting and these experiences got me thinking about all the times I’ve spent with other Quakers and what that has… Read More

North West Yearly Meeting

The next afternoon, I geared up for round two. North West Yearly Meeting, the other for our area, was just starting their Yearly Meeting at George Fox University in Newburg, the Evangelical Quaker Meca. I thought it would… Read More

North Pacific Yearly Meeting

The place was extremely familiar to me, the event I was going to was not. For weeks I had been talking with people and making connections before attending the North Pacific Yearly Meeting for Quakers. I was looking… Read More

We Took First!

The quilt I made for Stacey took first in its class at the Marion County Fair! I am excited other people get to see it and perhaps have creative ideas of their own. I called Stacey right away… Read More